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Lifeboats - Sunderland RNLI Lifeboats
RNLI Sunderland
Wednesday 21 November 2018

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Sunderland Lifeboat Station - Lifeboats

The RNLI operates a large number of different classes of lifeboat.

Modern lifeboats range from high speed inflatable inshore lifeboats to 17m (55ft 9in) all weather lifeboats. The larger all weather lifeboats are capable of high performance, even in atrocious weather, are self-righting after a capsize and are fully fitted with modern navigation, location and communications equipment.

Different types of lifeboats are needed for different coastal conditions. The type of lifeboat at a particular station depends on the features of the coast, the kind of rescue work the station is asked to do and the cover provided by neighbouring stations.

At Sunderland, we currently operate 2 different classes of lifeboat, the Atlantic 85, and the D Class (IB-1)

The following pages show service statistics and photographs of some of our stations past, present, and future lifeboats.

Present Day (Atlantic 85)

Present Day (D Class IB-1)

Sunderland's Present RNLI Inshore Lifeboat's - Atlantic 85 and IB-1 - (c) Adrian Don -

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