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Wednesday 26 January 2022

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RNLI Sea Safety Information

Easter is the traditional start of the boating season. No matter where Easter falls the covers rarely come off earlier. The RNLI hopes all boat users have fair winds and calm seas during 2011.  Whilst we can only hope for that, none of us have any control over the weather. However, we do have a control on the maintenance we carry out and the readiness of our craft to withstand whatever the weather might throw at it.

Six Top Sea Safety Tips

•      Always wear a lifejacket

•     Get trained - knowledge of your activity is essential

•     Carry some means of calling for help

•     Check your engine and fuel

•     Check the weather and tide conditions before heading out

•     Tell others where you are going

Use the above links to view more detailed advise.

Talks and Advice

The Sea Safety team at Sunderland Lifeboat station will be happy to talk to groups of boating people, either a group of friends or a Club on any or all of the aspects above.  The aspects are contained in the Sea Safety Guide available free on 0800 328 0600 or via the web site

If any boat owner wants particular information on sea safety and / or a discussion on equipment on the boat, a Safety Equipment Advisor will be happy to come to your boat and carry out a SEA Check, free of charge and in confidence. Either call the main RNLI number or contact the Local Sea Safety Team by sending an email HERE.

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