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Tuesday 25 September 2018

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Lifeboat Management Group

Frank Major

Management Group Chairman

Sunderland rnli branch chairman - frank major

Gerry Finn

Capt Peter Mitchell

Management Group

Management Group

Sunderland rnli lifeboat operations manager - capt peter mitchell

Paul Nicholson

Alan Dixon

Lifeboat Press
Officer (LPO)

Lifeboat Sea Safety
Officer (LSSO)

Senior helmsman and lifeboat press officer paul nicholson

RNLI volunteer deputy launching authority & lifeboat sea safety officer alan dixon

Olwyn Wilkinson

Simon Bristow

Souvenir Shop

RNLI Beach
Lifeguard Manager

Arthur Kettley


Collecting Box Secretary

Lifeboat Treasurer


Joan Hardy

Val Hamilton

Lifeboat Guild

Lifeboat Guild


Sunderland RNLI - Non Operational Support Roles

Jayne Ingham

Rev Stephen Taylor

Lifeboat Visits Officer

Lifeboat Chaplain

Doctor Kevin Weaver

Josephine Nicholson

Lifeboat Medical Advisor


Sunderland RNLI - Lifeboat Sea Safety Team

Alan Dixon

Arthur Kettley

Lifeboat Sea Safety
Officer (LSSO)

Lifeboat Sea Safety Advisor

Alan Ingham


Lifeboat Sea Safety Advisor

Lifeboat Sea Safety Advisor

Sunderland RNLI - Fundraising Box Collectors

Arthur Ketley

Steve Thompson

Fundraising Box Collector

Fundraising Box Collector

RNLI volunteer lifeboat collection box collector steve thompson


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